We can remove your weeds safely. 

Weeds compete with desirable lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients. They are extremely aggressive and can easily take over a lawn if not kept in check. Protect your lawn and other plants by regularly having us maintain and eliminate them for you. Weed control combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices will keep your grass thriving while the weeds disappear. 


We use the best products to remove your weeds. 

Weed control products used by Top Cut Lawn Care are tested and registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Additionally, they are applied by licensed, trained professionals. To improve the performance of control products, keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry.

Our team has many years of combined experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us a solid choice for maintaining the beauty of your property.
We provide a wide range of services including grass cutting, mulch and rock beds, snow plowing, leaf and debris removal, aeration, weed control, pruning and gutter cleansing.
We have been committed to providing high quality landscaping services to Youngstown, Ohio and it's surrounding areas for almost 10 years now.

Top Cut Lawn Care Weed Removal

Top Cut Lawn Care Weed Removal


Key Benefits of the Service

Weeds may cause a number of issues and may restrict the growth of plants or shrubs. It is important to use a weed killer in order to control weeds. Weeds, if left unchecked, may compete with other plants for nutrients, space, water and soil. Therefor,  this restricts their growth. Additionally, some types of weeds can also block drainage pipes.

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