Shaping your bushes.  

If you see very well shaped and filled in bushes or hedges, you can be certain they didn't grow that way. For bushes to fill in properly, they need to be maintained from the beginning of their life, cutting back when you plant and again after the first year. In the third year, things start to get more exciting and we get to start shaping. Pruning takes a certain amount of expertise and knowledge, not to mention it's physical demands.


Plants, bushes and trees. 

Professionally pruned trees will enhance the beauty of your property in addition to just being more attractive overall. Trees and shrubs that bloom in spring are best pruned soon after they finish blooming. This will stimulate greater flowering the next bloom season, helping the new shoots fully grow in. The best of flowering shrubs will decline into sparse, flowering, straggly bushes if they aren’t thinned periodically. Ornamental shrubs are capable of renewing themselves almost indefinitely. There have been shrubs that have been alive over 100 years! How so? Proper pruning.

Our team has many years of combined experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us a solid choice for maintaining the beauty of your property.
We provide a wide range of services including grass cutting, mulch and rock beds, snow plowing, leaf and debris removal, aeration, weed control, pruning and gutter cleansing.
We have been committed to providing high quality landscaping services to Youngstown, Ohio and it's surrounding areas for almost 10 years now.

Top Cut Lawn Care Pruning

Top Cut Lawn Care Pruning


Key Benefits of the Service

Pruning your hedges and shrubs is important to not only their look but also to their health. It should be done as a matter of regular maintenance and not just when they start to look bad or overgrown. Pruning done regularly eliminates dead and decaying debris from the plant and helps eliminate opportunities for disease to set in.

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