Fast leaf removal. 

Every year, the trees on your property shed their leaves. It is a given. They either end up on your lawn or clogging your roof gutters. Cleaning the leaves from your property can also be hard or time consuming. Especially when cleaning gutters, as climbing roofs is obviously dangerous. Top Cut Lawn Care removes leaves routinely, so call us for efficient cleanups of your yard or rooftops. We collect and haul away the debris in our large trucks. Don't risk a ruined lawn or painful back. Call us to take care of it for you!


Debris preparation and removal. 

Northeast Ohio winters can have a profound effect on your property. Because of this, just before the winter season and after winter is over your property may need some preparation and extra care. Keeping your lawn healthy and mulch or flower beds clean and free of debris will allow spring to arrive with a beautifully maintained landscape. However, whatever the season, a strong storm can wreak havoc on your property. Stay ahead of the storm by cutting back branches and trees. We are always ready to haul away any debris like broken branches, siding, roof shingles or the construction debris from your renovation project.

Our team has many years of combined experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us a solid choice for maintaining the beauty of your property.
We provide a wide range of services including grass cutting, mulch and rock beds, snow plowing, leaf and debris removal, aeration, weed control, pruning and gutter cleansing.
We have been committed to providing high quality landscaping services to Youngstown, Ohio and it's surrounding areas for almost 10 years now.

Top Cut Lawn Care Debris and Leaf Removal

Top Cut Lawn Care Debris and Leaf Removal


Key Benefits of the Service

Leaves left on your grass can cause mold, deteriorate and ruin your healthy lawn for next season. A little care during the fall season can mean a more lush, healthy and beautiful lawn for next spring.

We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!